~ Bell Ringing ~

St. Peter's Church

We ring every week for church services with our practice on Thursday evenings. On average, seven people ring, along with two learners. Of course, we are always looking for new ringers!!

A Brief History of the Bells 

In 1781 a ring of six bells was cast by John Pennington III and Christopher Pennington IV of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall. These are the bells now in the tower. They were last rehung by John Taylor and Co. of Loughborough in 1939.

New ropes were installed in 2012, five of which are hemp. The tenor rope is man-made of polyester. All sallies are wool and were renewed at the same time as the ropes.

St. Peter's church tower would appear to date from late 14c or possibly early 15c.

The tower is approximately 70 feet in height with three levels: The ringing floor, clock floor and bell floor. The tenor bell is 9 cwt 4 lbs.