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~ St Martin’s Sharjah ~

This is the Totnes Deanery link in our companion Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.

Caring and being concerned in practical ways for one another and for those who are in need comes naturally to us, fulfilling the two royal commandments as contained in Leviticus 19:18 and John 13: 34,35.

Loving widely is possible for us because of the "agape" that we ourselves have experienced and it flows out in our eyes, in our giving up of ourselves and holding of our possessions loosely and placing value on it only in as far as it establishes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. We are biased toward the "have nots" and therefore migrant labour ministry is topmost in our hearts supporting them in every possible way, wiping their tears and ministering to them in practical ways like giving them clothes, blankets, food and telephone cards to talk to their families and even taking our children to the camps to allow them to see the faces of their children in ours. This touched them very much and many wept at this very thoughtful gesture.

We take very seriously the spiritual formation and holistic development of each individual member of St Martin's. Programs and activities to enable and empower people to move to their destiny occupy us. One issue which is critical to our development, is that growth is possible only in the context of the "body metaphor" that St Paul so powerfully used. We are as strong as the weakest member of our local body - St Martin's. The second main concern is that we are committed to the growth and success of the sixty guest congregations that meet on our premises. We engender a spirit of unity and not uniformity. We ensure that the God of variety is worshipped in a variety of languages and cultures - what a beautiful reflection of heaven on earth! Hospitality is the theological motif given to our Chaplaincy, not just hospitality for the sake of hospitality but directed toward expressing God's "agape" for us. It is in the hospitality that we see ourselves as a witnessing community. - both with the guest congregations context and in the context of the local community. Jesus' primary of communicating the Kingdom of Heaven was in the context of hospitality and we can do no better. St Martin's being a people oriented community hospitality is our main forte. Visiting the homes of the members of the congregation, being part of their special days praying for them when in sickness and making it known that the whole community is concerned and cares are some of the ways people have come into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Hospitality has revolutionised the attitude of the guest congregations toward us and we believe will go a long way in establishing rapport with the local community as well.

Rev'd. Ernest Victor, 
St Martin's, Sharjah.