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Monday, 14 January 2013

I am a resident of Cornworthy and I've recently set up a badger vaccination group called the Totnes Badger Vaccination Action Campaign, (TBVAC). TBVAC is a Totnes based group committed to the vaccination of as many badgers in the Totnes and South Hams area as possible; with an emphasis on neighbouring sites to reduce pockets of non-vaccination. We aim to get this up and operational before the resumption of next summer's badger cull because the South Hams is next in line to host a cull. If a cull zone doesn't have 70% of area of land taking part, then a cull cannot proceed...so if we can get 30% or more of the South Hams refusing to cull, or have gone with vaccination instead, a cull cannot go ahead in this area. We have a better than average chance of getting badgers vaccinated here around Totnes, thanks to organic farming methods and farmers caring for the environment and its' wildlife, than many places in the UK.

We are looking for:

  • Landowners and farmers who want their badgers vaccinated.
  • People with badger or wildlife handling experience who would like to train to vaccinate badgers, and who would be willing to vaccinate badgers for anyone who asks for it. We have more than 12 experienced people ready to train but we would welcome more experienced potential vaccinators, particularly from the farming community..
  • People good at fundraising to pay for licences, training, equipment and vaccines.
  • Networkers who can approach landowners to offer vaccination, particularly if they neighbour other vaccination farms, and to put up posters and give out fliers.

If you would like to join our Facebook group, just type in Totnes Badger Vaccination Action Campaign to find TBVAC. We are working on a TBVAC website and this will be up and running soon.

In addition to our work vaccinating badgers against bTB, we shall be hosting talks by dairy farmer Steve Jones from the Forest of Dean, who has kept his herd bTB free despite living and working in a TB hot spot. He will be sharing his experience of bio security and herd management methods without harming his local wildlife, sometime in the early spring.

Many thanks, Ama Menec.


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