Hello, and welcome to Cornworthy.com.
As some of you might have noticed, the old site was displaying a lot of errors and not working as it should. Fixing the problem would take a lot of time and money; it was therefore decided to create a new website, which could be up and running quickly, so that the Cornworthy community can be kept informed of news and events in the Parish during the current health crisis.

We are continuing to work on the website and transferring content over from the old site bit by bit. We will be adding our supporters pages and offer listings for local businesses in the near future. If there’s something you’d particularly like to see, please get in touch and we’ll try to include it as soon as we can.

One of the features of the new website is the ability for registered users to submit their own news articles and calendar events through the site. We will be contacting local groups to ask whether they’d like to appoint someone who can be in charge of uploading content. If you can use Microsoft Word or similar application, you’ll be able to use our website text editor without any difficulty. If anyone else would like to be a regular contributor to our website, please get in touch and we can set you up with an account too.

In the meantime, stay safe and keep washing those hands 🙂

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