Highway Maintenance

Devon County Council is responsible for the repair and maintenance of most public roads in Devon.

The exceptions are the motorway and trunk roads which are looked after by the Highways England

For any problems with potholes, drainage issues, debris causing obstruction on roads and other highway matters, there is a council website where these can be reported by parishioners.

It’s easy to use and helps Highways become alerted to problems. The more we as residents add our voice to a particular issue, the more weight it carries in resolving the problem.

To notify a problem, go to

General queries : For general highway and traffic management queries your Neighbourhood Highway Team will be able to assist you. You can contact this team by telephoning  0345 155 1004 (Weekdays 8am-8pm & Saturdays from 9am-1pm)

Highways Operations Control Centre : Emergencies (Out of hours) can be reached by telephoning  0345 155 1008