In 1985 the charity, Common Ground, launched its Parish Map Project. Concerned that drastic changes were taking place in the countryside, it was felt imperative to record what is left of our traditional roots before they disappear altogether. Although the original scheme envisaged recording information on a map of the Parish, it was interesting to see the enormous diversity of projects that developed.

When the first meeting of interested people in Cornworthy took place in January 1994, it was soon realised that the sheer volume and scope of ideas that were put forward for possible inclusion in our Map Project, was so great that even the most skilled pictorial representation could not possibly include them all.

It was then, with the help and advice of Trudy Turrell of the South Hams Environment Service, we decided to divide our project between a map, which would be purely a relief map showing the contours of our undulating parish and a book in which we could record Cornworthy both past and present, in a form which could be added to in the future. The result was our map which you can find outside the Village Hall, and the book, which we hope holds much of interest for residents and visitors alike.

A large copy of the book is kept on a lectern in St Peter’s Church and A4 copies are on sale for £9.50 at the Hunters’ Lodge or from Dymonds (opposite the phone box)